Talent Acquisition Strategy

Talent Acquisition Strategy & Sourcing

Recruitment is possibly the most important business process in any businesses. Without the right people matched to the right jobs, productivity can never reach its full potential.

Placing a “bad apple” into a successful team is every leader’s nightmare.  In our experience, the best candidates are rarely actively looking for a job.  They are loyal, professional and focused on their work.  In short, they are not active on jobsites and social media for jobs.

The marketplace for the best talent is now fierce, especially in Asia. New talent is not emerging fast enough and, with the current growth trajectory globally, recruitment has become one of the toughest business process to crack.  Luckily the Motivo Recruitment Team is here to help.

Talent Acquisition Strategy

We can help you to develop a detailed and robust talent acquisition strategy for your organization including:

  • Employer branding
  • Pay benchmarking
  • Job descriptions
  • Multichannel candidate sourcing processes
  • Screening, scoring and candidate assessment design

Headhunting & Sourcing

We are experienced at headhunting and sourcing talent for a range of sectors including hospitality, healthcare, retail, IT for mutiple business functions including CXO, marketing and Human Resources.

At Motivo Recruitment we work tirelessly to find the best talent. We meet, screen and test candidates continuously so that when we get your call, we can move at high speed to fulfil your need. Need skilled and experienced candidates? Contact us now.


Why use Motivo Recruitment?

Low Cost | The cost of recruitment isn’t limited to your ad on Jobstreet.  The hourly cost of sitting through hundreds of CV’s for your HR team adds up quickly and there is NO guarantee that you will find your candidate from an ad.  More than that, the cost of not having the best candidate for the job will hit your business for months if not years of lost income….or worse.  With an ad on Jobstreet you only get the candidates looking at that moment, not the winners.  Can you afford the second best candidate?

Low Risk | There is NO cost to receive CV’s from us.  We also offer a unique money back guarantee if our candidate fails probation or leaves in the 1st 3 months. No questions asked.

Low Cash Flow Impact | So, cash flow is every businesses #1 concern.  We get that.  We therefore offer payments in 2 easy installments.


The Motivo Candidate

Our candidates are special people.  So what makes a Motivo Candidate stand out:

Professional | problem solving skills, the ability to sell themselves and their ideas, the ability to work under pressure and an unfaltering positive attitude.

Educated | We look for candidates with an educational pedigree not only in terms of university or schooling but in terms of continuous professional development.

Loyal | Our candidates are loyal and we won’t submit candidates who move every 6 to 12 months.  You won’t find our winning candidates through advertising or social media.

Winner | We try to pick winners.  People who will actively grow your business, not people who will sit back passively whilst the business operates around them.

If you’re looking to build your career with great companies in Indonesia visit www.karirhub.com for the latest jobs.


What our clients and candidates say

Client Testimonial

We were referred to Russell at Motivo by our legal partner who recommended his services.  We talked about our requirements and he quickly understood our business, what we needed and he had a clear understanding of the type of staff member who could support our requirements.  He introduced 3 candidates to us, with good background information and recommendations. Our final selection has fitted very well into our business, is a good team player with a great, winning attitude and, since her appointment, has proven to be a valuable addition to our business.”

Rachel | Operations Manager |  Botanica Wedding

Candidate Testimonial

I was approached by Motivo Recruitment for a job as Reservation Executive at a hospitality company in Bali. I sent my CV and application then I got call to have a formal interview. At the first impression was good with Russell and also my new boss.  I am very grateful because they give me the opportunity and I have since been promoted.  She is one of the best managers that I’ve had. Anyway, Motivo has the best Recruitment Consultants as they knew what both the employee and the company needed. I will recommend anyone looking for staff or a new job to contact Motivo. I am confident that they will exceed their expectation. Thanks a lot Motivo for your help.

PK, August 2015

Candidate Testimonial

Motivo contacted me about a Villa Manager job with one of their clients.  We spoke for a long time at the Motivo office and they arranged the interview with the owner of the management company.  I was offered the job and, of course, I accepted starting in July 2015.  It’s been a great move for me and I feel like a valued part of a family.  I can’t thank Motivo enough!

NR, November 2015