Talent Management | What's your Strategy?

In the war for talent, talent management itself has become the critical success factor for organizations not only seeking the edge, but also survival. Those that win at the game of talent management have an army of highly capable, high performing employees motivated by achievement and growth and not by the latest gimmick. They are growth-minded, entrepreneurial and highly motivated people you need to stay ahead.

Talent Management Consulting

We help organizations to source, onboard, train, nurture, coach, motivate and engage talent. At Motivo, we have a passion helping employees to grow and achieve beyond their wildest dreams and a passion for helping companies to become the vehicle for that achievement. We truly believe that talent exists in all of us, waiting to be nurtured and unleashed. We operating across Asia including Japan, Singapore and Indonesia servicing our valued clients in banking and finance, retail, internet/e-commerce, technology, healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality and more.

Learning & Development

We deliver world class learning and development strategies, programs and curriculums to some of the worlds largest companies. Our programs are designed to increase leadership and change capabilities and we work on the premise that change requires a mindset, strategy and a matching skillset. We deliver programs throughout Asia including Japan, Singapore and Indonesia in multiple languages including Japanese.

KPI & Performance Management

More than performance reviews or appraisals, with a Motivo Performance Gap Analysis, you will have everything you need to know to achieve breakthrough performance for each employee in your business. We use a 16-dimensional analysis to identify performance issues, and propose interventions that work. The “Cost of do nothing” is growing every minute.