Case Study | FMCG Manufacturing Business with Low Sales | Indonesia

We were asked to work optimize the sales and marketing function of an FMCG manufacturer in Bali, Indonesia.  The company had experienced little sales growth in the previous 12 months and was keen to investigate reasons and to find solutions.

Our investigation utilized the Motivo Matrix.  We systematically documented the main processes of the business and then centered on the sales and marketing function.  Using the matrix we looked at the 4 main variables of performance at the 4 different organizational levels.   The investigation with thorough and took around 4 weeks to complete and took into account both quantitative and importantly qualitative data gleaned from hours of interviews and focus group meetings.

The investigation detailed 2 main issues.  Firstly the motivation of the sales team to perform to the required level.  Secondly the expertise of the sales team to meet objectives.


We focused on expertise and initiated 2 training programs, one in sales skills and the other in leadership skills.  The leadership training was key to improving the level of motivation.  The sales skills training was written specifically for the company and a key hire was added further increase the expertise within the team.  Leadership roles were assigned to the owners of the business in order that clear reporting and responsibility for the sales function could be established.

The feedback from the client has been extremely positive and we were invited back for 2 addition projects subsequently.  The business now enjoys high profitability and very low staff turnover, rare for a manufacturing company and testament to the hard work and commitment in leadership skills adopted by the Owners.