About Motivo

We are the performance improvement people.  We solve business problems.

At Motivo, we believe that to create a breakthrough requires honesty, integrity, courage and effectiveness.  Our expertise lies in gaining a deep understanding of a business from many perspectives and identifying appropriate cost effective solutions to troubleshoot and achieve breakthrough performance improvement.

We offer an independent perspective and deliver enduring solutions that work, not the latest trend which sounds impressive on paper but fades away over time

Motivo services cover the most important business processes:

  • Recruitment | Specializing in IT, Sales and Marketing and Hospitality, we go to great lengths to find winning candidates.
  • Marketing and Communication | Brand ID and Web Development, Marcom Strategy
  • Process Improvement | process improvement using the unique Motivo Framework.
  • Leadership/Human Resources Management | From our 20+ years in HR we offer the best leadership training and HR Strategy work around.

Our commitment to results
When we work with a client, we roll up our sleeves and become a true business partner. Our success is measured by the success of our clients. That’s why we invest whatever resources are needed to get and keep your business on the right track.

Our experience
We know the challenges that businesses face today. Our consultants have been in your shoes. They’re past owners and operators of businesses in all regions of the world and every industry you can imagine.

Whether you are looking to enter the Indonesian marketplace, launching a business in Indonesia or whether you own a business in Indonesia already, Motivo has the skills and network to activate you brand in Indonesia and help your business to breakthrough.

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