Leadership & Sales Training

Can your people grow your business?

We take great pride in watching our clients and their employees grow and to thrive. We take great joy in working closely with employees and leaders in the classroom delivering the training that changes both lives and the bottom line.

We help your employees to develop the capabilities that will deliver growth to your organization with comprehensive learning and development and curriculum solutions.

Our solutions are bespoke to each unique organization but here’s a snapshot of our solutions:

Leadership Training for Employee Engagement and Business Performance

Employee Engagement is the #1 KPI amongst Fortune 500 Companies. A KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is a leading indicator of future financial success. This means that if your people are highly engaged you have a high probability of achieving your financial targets.

Our solution is to train senior managers in great leadership aimed at maximizing their capabilities to increase employee engagement.

Intrapreneurship Training for Business Growth & Performance

Intrapreneurs are highly engaged in the organization, spotting opportunities for growth and improvement and thinking creatively to fill customer’s needs. This means that with Intrapreneurial minds you have a much greater chance of achieving high growth.

Our solution is to train managers in intrapreneurship over 5 weeks.

Sales Training for Business Growth & Performance

The best salespeople are super confident, great listeners, sharp thinkers, and determined characters. Although not everyone is suited to a career in sales, everyone can benefit from knowing the basics of good salesmanship to be able to better serve the business AND the customer.

Our solution is to train staff in salesmanship over 5 weeks.