Management Consulting

Business Problems Solved: No Stone Unturned

Our Management Consulting team leave no stone unturned when we take you on as a client. Depending on your needs, we’ll perform any or all of the following:

  • Thorough 20 dimensional analysis of your business’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Competitive analysis of others in your space
  • Industry trends analysis and forecast
  • Market opportunities analysis
  • Market rsearch and focus groups

This work culminates in our major deliverable: a detailed company action plan that puts you on the road to achieving both your long and short-term business goals.

At Motivo, management consulting is not just a matter of selling our methodology or the latest trend.  We understand that every business is different.  An FMCG is different to startup.  2 startup companies are also not identical.  Even with the same sector and equivalent size, companies are unique.  There is no “one size fits all,” management consulting method, we choose the right tool for your business.

Our prices are very reasonable and we offer a range of flexible management consulting options for you.

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